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Hello! My name is Muccles. I am five years old; the oldest of the Dookin' Triple. My mother bought me at Petco. I was her first ever and if I must say so, she was quite a newbie! The other two had it easy. She was an expert (well maybe not an expert) by the time she got them. Ahem, you see I've always wanted to be an only ferret. But she says that, "ferret math hit." My life's okay now I guess. I get treats when I want, she doesn't bathe me too much, she cuddles me whenever I want, yeah I guess it's okay. -Muccles (Rest In Peace, my baby boy.)

Nick Names: Mr. Bignose, Crangly, and Nosey
Birthday: October 19th, 1999 - March 3rd 2005
Sex: Male
Breeder: Marshall Farms
Favorite Toy: Tubes
Favorite Treat: Yogies
Favorite Thing: Getting Cuddled
I am: Handsome, nosey, & cute
Favorite Quote: "I'm starting to sound like Mr. Burns again!"

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Hewwo. My name is Spike! I wuv to play. I am the youngest of the twiple. When I first came home Muccles didn't wike me vewy much. He always beat me up. But then finalwy he began to wike me and now we are best buddies (I think). I wuv my life and am happy-go-wucky. But sometimes I get a worwied look on my face. Dis is when I am worwied. My mommy thinks it is cute. I guess it kind of is. Oh and by da way...I hate kisses!! -Spike

Nick Names: Spowigey, Spokes, Bundles, Bundley boy, and Supadaigi
Birthday: October 14th, 2000
Age: Seven
Sex: Male
Breeder: Marshall Farms
Favorite Toy: Socks
Favorite Treat: Bandits
Favorite Thing: Playing
I am: Cute, adorable, & muscular
Favorite Quote: "Tell me something I don't know!"

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Hiya, my name's Duncan! I am the last addition to the Dookin' Triple. I was purchased at the local ferret shelter. I left my 8 sisters and brothers which was pretty sad. But now I am happy. I have a good life here. Get all the sleep I want (which is a lot). I am a pretty ferocious ferret when I am not asleep. I love to charge out the door when mommy opens it. She seems to get annoyed with this..that's why I do it. Muhahaha!! But she loves me very much and I enjoy cuddling with her. -Duncan (Rest In Peace, crazy boy, I love you!)

Nick Names: Dunk, Pumpleberry, and Pick of the Business
Birthday: October 2nd, 2000 - February 23rd, 2007
Age: Six
Sex: Male
Breeder: Marshall Farms
Favorite Toy: Bell Ball
Favorite Treat: Super Chews
Favorite Thing: Sleeping and biting feet
I am: Pudgy, adorable, and handsome
Favorite Quote: "Ah jeez, ah man!!"