-The Woozel Journal-

Here is where our mommy writes about us and how we are doing. If anything new or interesting happens, this is where it will be posted! Please check back often for updates!

another TEST
Kyla - Friday, July 11, 2003 at 15:33:24 (PDT)
Testing 1 2 3!
Kyla - Friday, July 11, 2003 at 15:17:10 (PDT)
Today was such a nice I decided to take Muccles outside. He had a blast! He chased my brother (Riley aka Krazyman) and a stick all around the backyard! I was very careful for birds of prey and other dangers of course! :) If anyone is looking for a good harness I recommend the H-shaped type. Please do not get one with a bell on it because ferrets have very sensitive ears. Talk to you soon!
Kyla - Wednesday, May 21, 2003 at 19:35:51 (PDT)
Hi! All the woozels are healthy - at least now they are! A few weeks ago Duncan was having discolored (green or light brown), mucasey poops. He was also loosing quite a bit of weight. He would paw at his mouth while he was eating. The Vet. diagnosed Duncan with Helicobactor. Duncan had to take Metronidazole (I think this is also called Flagyl?), Pepto Bismol, and Clavamox for 14 days. This cleared it all up and he is doing fine now. :o) Luckily during this whole ordeal Duncan never stopped eating or drinking.
Kyla - Monday, May 19, 2003 at 23:39:31 (PDT)
Hello Everyone! I kind of forgot about the woozel journal! Oops! Well, now that I remembered I have it, there will be almost dailey updates. The ferrets got their distemper boosters, and all went well. I was soo worried about them having a reaction, then I was really relieved when they didn't. The vet used Purevax. She gave up on Galaxy D because she said they had too many reactions while using it. Then the got Purevax and never had a single reaction since! So anyway, all is well...the ferrets are healthy and dookin' and poppin' like usual. Talk to you soon!
Kyla- - Monday, April 07, 2003 at 22:17:35 (PDT)
Hi Ferret Lovers! Duncan did something very odd the other day: He was dookin' along with is favorite bell until it looked like he needed to... You know do his buisness. So he goes into the litter box, drops his bell ball in the litter box and poops on it! Isn't that strange? LOL, sometimes ferret can do strange things...lol Hope you enjoyed the story. Bye for now! -Kyla
hugawoozel - Sunday, February 23, 2003 at 11:46:26 (PST)
Hi ferret lovers! All my ferrets are doing good. They are due for their yearly distemper boosters february 18th, coming up! I am just hoping all will go well. I have been hearing about so many reactions going on with Distemper Vaccines, which is getting me worried. Of course we are going to stay at the vets least 30 minutes after their shots, just to make sure they don't have a reaction. I will update you on how their vaccines go! Have a fuzzy day! -Kyla
Kyla - Friday, February 14, 2003 at 22:46:12 (PST)
Hi! Well, I accidently erased over my entries in the woozel journal! Ooops!

Anyway, just wanted to stop by and clarify that. :) All woozels are fine if you wanted to know. :) Talk to you soon!
Kyla - Saturday, February 08, 2003 at 20:50:02 (PST)

Hello fellow ferret lovers! This is the first day of the "Daily Woozel Journal"! I hope you find this journal to be fun. :) It's just another one of those normal woozely days...the ferrets got into everything, knocked my clothes over, dragged my socks out, and pooped in the wrong corner. Of course Muccles got cuddled, Spike got "dooked", and Duncan got a belly rub. Nothing much went on today, except for the usual, so I will just let you know what they are doing now. SPIKE: running off with a mouthful of food stashing it in his hidey hole. MUCCLES: sleeping. DUNCAN: sleeping. :) Well, that's all I have to say for now. See you soon. -Kyla

Kyla - Thursday, January 30, 2003 at 00:16:17 (PST)