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Author: Rebecca

My sweet little Dooks, laughing eyed sprite,
I miss you, oh I miss you so tonight.
Warm fuzzy ball curled up tight inside my shirt
Next to my hip, yawn and stretch, then jump, hop, and skip,
Roll and twist and burrow amidst
the upset laundry, smiling wide,
ferret-y invitation to joy. Gung ho, never coy,
otter-swimming the summer grass, scattering snow in great excited leaps,
snorting submarine, no heap of leaves too tall
nor puddle deep for your 3” height, no rainy day
not brightened by your shining light.
Dearest thing, momma’s little girl, giggly-chuckly laughtrack,
understudy flying squirrel, house mover, cracker thief,
If only I could have you back, before grief,
healthy once again? But all the king’s men couldn’t
make you whole; in the end
your tiny heart could not keep pace with your outsized soul, and I had to
let you go. I know you know, even though
there has to be this time apart, I live
with tickle-whiskered elfin face and fairy feet
still dancing in my heart.


Author: Rebecca


Why Ferrets?

I'm often asked, why ferrets? To all the people who've ever asked me that, this is my reply:

It's the dook,
The war dance,
And the playful nibbles.

It's the mess,
Digging the litter,
And spreading the kibble.

It's the naps,
The sleepy face,
And the quiet moments together.

It's chasing a ball,
Ferret bowling,
And playing outside in all kinds of weather.

I love ferrets in so many ways, there is no way to answer the question 'why ferrets?' because when you ask me that, it's clear that you've never met my babies.

Inside the Eyes of Moonlight
Author:Monika and Moonlight(friend ferret)


You climbed onto my shoulder
You held on for my life
You would help me if a boulder came crashing down

Some people are scared of this creature
But when I look into his eyes
I see no evil spirits just the pit of the night

He sleeps like an angel
Looks like a holy god
He is one of Jesus' creations to cherish forever

They will be your new friend forever
Until the ends of the earth
There are no words to express my feelings

Thank you Moonlight for all the things you have done for me
For gently showing the way when confused
I know what you feel and know what you say
But I cant compare to the glisten in your eyes

Author: Kyla


They have wet noses that glimmer in the sunlight and glisten in the moonlight
Their fur is as soft as a silkworm's body and as slick as an empty lake
Their eyes go on forever and ever and ever
Why, I must say a ferret is a gorgeous creature
Author: Michelle Huston


You war-danced your way
Straight into my heart;
Forever, I knew you would stay. Through pooping and nipping
You kept your allure;
Mischievous was always your way. You showed me your love
When you flipped upside down
And fell right to sleep in my arms. With every new day
You kept me amused;
I couldn