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Welcome to the ferret quizzes section. The quizzes on this page take you out of the hugawoozel website. They are actually links to various quizzes that I found off of the internet. I had a lot of fun taking each quiz, so I hope you will too! If you know of any ferret quizzes that you would like me to add, please email me the URL of the quiz. Thank you!


How much do you know about the domestic ferret? - Click here to find out how much you know about the domestic ferret! This quiz is easy, so you better get a perfect score if you consider yourself an experienced woozel owner! ;)

The ferret test - How much do you really know about ferrets? This is a ferret test program that you have to download. The test is copied from the 2001 October/November issue of Ferrets Magazine. I scored an 88% and got 44 right out of 50. Click here to go to the download page to download The Ferret Test.


What sleepy spot would you sleep in if you were a ferret? This is a fun quiz to take. Warning: taking this quiz will make you want to fall asleep! I apparently would want to sleep in a shoe if I were a ferret. Here's what it says about me: "You like small places to hide away from people and you dont care how bad it smells (or good), but its a good warm spot that you will eventually be found one way or another and be cuddled with." Click here if you would like to find out where you would want to sleep if you were a ferret. You could want to sleep in a shoe, box, sock drawer, laundry basket, bathroom cabinent, inbetween blankets, toy pile, fleece hammock, in your owner's lap, or on the ground.

What ferret are you? - If you were a ferret, what kind of ferret would you be? I am a cuddly ferret! Click here to find out what kind of ferret you are. You could be a cuddly, nozy, shy, sleepy, bitchy, carefree, spazzy, or sneaky ferret.

What type of ferret are you? - This is another what ferret are you quiz. Click here to find out what type of ferret you are! You could be a Bandit Thief, Cuddle Bug, Fat Ferret, Sleepy Ferret, or even a War Dancin' Dooker! I am supposedly the Bandit Theif.

What ferret am I? This is yet another what ferret are you quiz! The more the better, right? Click here to take the quiz. I am a Mysterious Marked White. You could either be a mysterious marked white, Rare Black Eyed White, Amiable Angora, Cheeky Chocolate, Sweet Silver, Surly Sable, Ancy Albino, Bold Blaze, Proud Panda, or a Sizzling Cinnamon.