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Jamie's Wishlist
Author: Jamie

One happy Christmas Eve Jamie asked her father for a ferret and he said "their too expensive" so Jamie ran to her room and cried herself to sleep. Jamie woke up in the middle of the night. Jamie remembered that she hadn't sent her wishlist to santa, she wondered if it's too late to email santa on what she wanted. She started checking over her list...


Dear Santa,
I've been a really good girl this year and was wondering if you could get me the following things:

#1 A ferret
#2 A ferret...{keeps on going on until #12,345-A ferret until email ends}

I really want a ferret and thats all I will ever want for Christmas.

She sent it to santa and expected that the list is useless because she wont get it. Jamie was dreaming of ferrets snuggling next to her near her fireplace, sleeping and suddenly one of the ferrets woke up, yawned and whispered in jamie's ear "wake up, wake up. It's Christmas!" She woke up and saw her sister Ariel acting so suprised. Jamie looked at the tree and saw a big box with a note attached to it that said "from Santa, To Jamie" and it read "Jamie I got your note at the last second,read it and was suprised that was the only thing you wanted,open the gift and see what you got". Jamie opened the gift ofcourse with help and saw three ferrets, one D.E.W coloured, one cinnamon coloured and one with shimmering gold fur. Inside the cage was a box that she opened and it had all she needed to take care of her ferrets with, when she took everything out it replenished itself. Jamie couldn't speak or even slightly whisper about how excited she was, she just stared and took the three ferrets out and played with them. They were named faith, hope, and love and she loved them forever, its all she ever wanted.

Author: Monika

Once upon some time...I think. There lived a ferret named Moonlight. He was born on Christmas Day so people all knew that he was somehow special. Weeks later about 10 or 11, he was so excited to go to a new home but he was also really sad. The reason is that he had no friends or talents. He couldn't stand on his hind legs very well, he didnt' roll over good either, he basically couldn't do any tricks. When he was sold to a person he realized that the person was pretty good at art. One time when the owner was drawing the ferret picked up a pencil and started drawing a picture. The owner was amazed!! I guess Moonlight actually did have a talent. Nobody except for his owner approved and liked his talent. Day and night you would see them drawing all kinds of pictures, one time Moonlight drew himself by looking in a mirror, he drew it pretty good. The owner and the ferret got closer and soon they were able to communicate by using facial expressions. Whenever the owner wanted to be entertained Moonlight immmediatly started dancing, then she would give him a treat. They were the best of friends from then on...


Author: Kyla

Once, there was a little kit named Muccles who lived in a little town called River-water Hill. He was born on a cool summerís day, which the ferrets called "Yogi Day". Yogi Day is a day when a ferret gets all the treats it wants. But did I say any ferret could get these treats? These treats are grown on high pillow-fluff clouds. No, not just any other ferret deserves these treats. You see; it takes 1,000 years to grow a Yogi Day treat, and that is just 1 treat. Can you imagine? If every ferret in the world got as many treats they want on Yogi Day, there would be not enough treats. So, that is why only a special ferret can get these special treats.

His mother knew he was going to be a much different ferret from the other ferrets, for when Muccles was just a kit, he was always helping out other kits, and elders. He would wake up every morning and pick a bouquet of about 5 Dandelions just to create a smile on anotherís face. He would always bring 3 empty buckets to gather water down at the cold, crisp, stream about 2 blocks away from his home. This water would then be walked down to Mrs. Woozels house for to make bread for her bakery. Then he would chat with her until the bread was done, just making sure she didnít need anything else for her bakery. As you can imagine, Muccles was a very lovable kit, and everyone did indeed love him.

About 5 years past him by, and he was still doing all that he could to help other ferrets out. But Muccles was diagnosed with Adrenal cancer in May. He began to slow down. Other ferrets seemed to ignore him, because of his balding. Muccles didnít understand them, first they all loved him and then they were beginning not to even notice him. He would still bring water to the bakery, but only one bucket. Soon, he brought no bucket at all. He was always tired, and all his fur was almost completely gone. He was getting cold, all alone in his cabin. No one ever came to visit anymore; he began to cry, sometimes the whole night. Muccles began to wish that he would suffer no more. A few days had past and it was Yogi Day, his birthday. That night, while Muccles was crying, he felt a slight breeze with a honey-sweet smell. The breeze took Muccles high up into the clouds, where he suddenly felt happy again. He began dooking all over the pillow-fluff clouds. Where the Yogi Day treats is grown! Muccles gobbled up all the treats he could hold, they were so delicious!

A couple of years past him and he did meet new friends in the clouds where he lived now. But Muccles will never forget his friendsí back in River-water Hill. He loved his memories with them, picking the dandelions, and carrying the buckets of crystal clear water. And the long chats he had with the kits. Oh no, he will never forget.

Yes, only a special ferret deserves these treats. Muccles was the one special ferret, the ferret that was kind to his elders and kits, the kind that always was there for them and loved them all.

The End