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Hugawoozel's top ten ferret related things lists!


( I )

Ferrets for Dummies: "Ferrets for Dummies", by Kim Schilling is by far the best reference book for any ferret owner! Every ferret owner including myself swears by this book. If you plan to get a ferret or more or you already have a ferret or more run, (don't walk) to a bookstore and pick up a copy now!

( Ia)

A Practical Guide to Ferret Care": "A Practical Guide to Ferret Care" by Deborah Jeans recommended by Hugawoozel Forum member, FerretLova

( II )

Martin's Cages: These cages are spacious with extra wide doors so you will be able to fit large litter pans through if needed. They are also relatively cheap consdering their massive size. These cages are made with wire floor, so a covering will have to be installed to insure the safety of your ferrets' feet.

( III )
Lixit Pet Quick Lock Crock: Before I was introduced to these food dishes, I was one of those ferret mommies suffering from the dreaded "Ferret Food Dish Tipover" disease. These food/water dishes lock onto your ferrets' cage making it virtually impossible for your clever ferret to tip it over!

( IV )
Marshall Super Thru-way: This 20' clear tube will entertain your ferret and you for hours on end. I have a couple of these and they are by far my ferrets' favorite play toy.

( V )
8 in 1 Ferretone: Every ferret loves ferretone! In fact, I have never met a ferret who won't gulp down this stuff. Although the bottle says to mix into ferret kibble, this will only make the ferret kibble soggy and unusable. I use Ferretone only as a treat, allowing my ferrets about 5 drops daily.

( VI )
Marshall Ferret Litter: This litter works really well for ferrets. It absorbs urine and odor very well. The litter is made from recycled newspaper and pressed into a pelleted form. It is very clean.

( VII )
8 in 1 ULTIMATE Ferret Diet: After trying six different ferret kibbles, both me and my ferrets liked this kibble the most. With 38% protein and 19% fat, this kibble meets the standards for a good ferret food. Three out of the first 4 ingredients are meat based.

( VIII )
Pet Mate Large Cat Litter Pan: Hey, just because the title mentions "cat" doesn't mean that it won't work for ferrets! This is actually the best litter pan out there IMO. Its sides are high, which will catch any "accidents" that your ferrets may have.

( IX )
Marshall Ferret Figure H Harness: This ferret harness is very simple and is very hard for your ferret to slip out of. It can adjust to almost all ferret sizes and is very easy to put on and take off of your ferret. After trying three other types of harnesses, this is the one I tust and reccomend.

( X )
Marshall Bandits: These yummy treats are very healthy for your ferrets and are also very delicious! Spike says, "MMmmmm, Bandits."

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  1. Nail clipping: When clipping your ferret's nails, dab some ferretone on his/her belly. This will distract him from everything. You will finally be at ease while trimming your ferret's nails!

  2. Small Messes (inside): I use baby wipes every day for cleaning up little messes inside the cage. They work great on linoleum. Make sure you purchase the kind with no lotion or scents.

  3. Small Messes (inside & out): Hand held mini vacuums are great for cleaning up crums in and out of the cage. Also great for other small ferret messes.

  4. Removing Stains & Odors: Nature's Miracle works really well on carpet for poop and pee stains/odors. It is a liquid that you pour on your carpet and soak up with a towel. It removes all odor and the stain too!

  5. Cleaning up "Accidents": You can never have enough paper towels! Use these to clean up "accidents", if you will.

  6. Cooling Down: If your ferrets get hot in the summer time, try freezing a bottle of water, wrapping it in a sock or towel, and placing it in a their cage/hammock. My ferrets always fall asleep next to this cool luxury when it gets hot in the summer time. Another favorite thing for my ferrets is bobbing for ice cubes in a big bowl/container filled with ice cold water.

  7. Cleaning the Cage: Simple Green is an organic cleaner that can be used daily. It is great for cleaning up messes around the cage. Plus, it is safe for your ferrets.

  8. Cleaning Flooring: These are a very good way to clean up after ferrets. They work well with carpet and wood floors. If you don't want to use rolls and rolls of paper towels, this may be a great option for you. Plus, steam cleaners will sterilize your flooring too. They can get pretty pricey however.

  9. Clean Smelling Bedding: When drying your ferrets' bedding, stick one of those dryer scent things in. This makes your ferrets' bedding smell nice and fresh!

  10. Ferret Toys: Don't forget that you do not need to spend a fortune on ferret toys! Most of the time when introducing your ferret to a newly purchased ferret toy, he/she is more interested in the box that it came in then the toy itself! The most loved ferret toys are hand made!