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So, you may ask, why would someone spend so much time making this website? Well... Before I got my first ferret, Muccles, I did tons of research, most of which was done using online ferret websites. I went to millions of websites, but I found that each website only contained a small portion of the ferret information of which I was looking for. When I got Muccles, I instantly fell in love with their cute faces, loving personality, and their always-wanting-to-entertain-the-human attitude. A few days went by and I started to realize that even after the tons of research that I had done before getting Muccles, I was not even close to being prepared for this crazy, war dancin' woozel! This was when I had realized that there needed to be a ferret website that had practically all of the information one needs to know about living with and caring for a ferret, all contained in the same webpage! I wanted to learn HTML (a code for making websites), and I deffinatly needed to do more research on ferrets, so I decided hey, why not I be the one to make this infamous ferret website?

I started with a simple design with few pages, and it kept growing until it had enough ferret-realted information that even the most unexperienced soon-to-become ferret owner could use to become well prepared for their new addition. I also added many fun things for ferret owners, a message board and chat, and advice for experienced ferret owners. I hope you find Hugawoozel to be a very useful website, and that you will pass it along to other ferret enthusiasts!


For any medical information that Hugawoozel may contain - Because I am not a Veterinarian, I am not going to list diagnosis, symptoms, procedures, etc… on this website. For those wanting this kind of information I suggest you go talk to your ferret-smart Veterinarian. If you need help choosing a good Veterinarian, please visit the “choosing the right vet” section. Although I do offer descriptions of health problems in this website, the information should only be used for research, not in replacement of your ferret-smart Veterinarian. Please do not email me questions about your ferret’s health or well-being. Once again, I am not a Veterinarian. This website is strictly and only for people who are interested in knowing what types of medical problems ferrets can get, not for people trying to decide which medical problem their ferret has! Please see your vet if your ferret shows any abnormal signs of behavior.

For any advice, tips, and other things that Hugawoozel may contain - All of the things contained in Hugawoozel are for entertainment and informational purposes only. Do not use any information contained in this website in replacement of the advice given by your veterinarian.

For any graphics, animations, or images that Hugawoozel may contain - I would like to acknowledge AJ's Animated Gifs (website shut down) and the Hidey Hole Vault for their wonderful ferret animations. I DO NOT claim ownership of the graphics made by AJ's ferret animations or Hidey Hole Vault on this website. I simply want to share them with other ferret enthusiasts around the world. A few of the animations on Hugawoozel I have made myself, so I do claim ownership of those few. I have gathered some graphics, animations, and images over the internet and I am not sure who some of them belong to and who made them. If you know, or if you are the artist of these ferret graphics, please contact me and I will give you credit beside the gif if you would like. If you are the artist of any of the graphics on Hugawoozel and DO NOT want your work up on this website, please contact me and I will immediately remove them from Hugawoozel.


This is a list of all the nice people that helped me with this site and a list of where I got some of my stuff from. I am really sorry that I can't remember everyone who has helped me with this page. If I forgot you on this list, please email me about it and I will put you on. Thank you everyone!
  • Christina - for making a few banners for hugawoozel and for awarding this site with the "Golden Dookie Award".
  • Patty, Michelle, June, Angie, Pandora, Kelly, Imperia, Christina, and Katie - for the wonderful ferret color pictures.
  • All the people that gave me ferret names - for the Woozel Name List!
  • AJ's Ferret animation and Hidey Hole Vault - for all the fanstastic ferret animations.
  • Mom - for helping make this website!
  • Katie, Carmen, Deena and Ann - for the wonderful ferret cage pictures.
  • Ann, June, and Amanda - for the ferret playroom pictures.
  • Riley - for taking a lot of the Dookin' Triple's photos.
  • Tom - for letting me use his "how to make a cage" instructions for this site.
  • Lily - for awarding Hugawoozel with the "Fuzzy Fellowship Award".
  • All the people that sent in photos for Woozel of the Week - *BIG* thanks!
  • All the people who sent in photos for the "A lot of fuzz" section.
  • Patty - for her lovely duck soup recipe and the photos she let me use of her ferret proofed house!
  • All the people who sent me photos of their ferrets' noses for the "Nose Colorings" page!! Thanks!
  • Amy and her ferrets Grover and Chopper - for some of the woozel game ideas and woozel nicknames